The Lines

The Human Design Lines are the Archetypes that lead our physical behaviors. They were created from the 6 lines in the traditional I-Ching Hexagram.


Where are they?

These lines are those decimal numbers attached to each Gate number within your chart. Each gate has a corresponding line which makes that possessed Gate even more unique to you. 

Upper and Lower Trigram Lines

Each line sits in either the Lower Trigram (personal) or the Upper Trigram (interpersonal)

  • The Lower Trigram is all about personal experience and learning through how that experience has affected oneself.
  • The Upper Trigram is all about the Transpersonal experience which is evaluating how ones experiences with others has effected oneself. 


Lower Trigram


1 Investigator

This Archetype gets to the bottom of whatever peaks its interests. It is that friend that always asks, “but why” and “how does this work”. People with a 1 in their profile are the best teachers in their field because they are born to consume knowledge and figure out what is truth and what is illusion, then share their findings with whomever will listen. Research is something these people will do in their free time, weather conscious of it or not.

How to support friends with  a 1 in their Profile?

  • Let them do their thing, if they seem focused on something don’t interrupt unless they ask
  • Let them disappear for a bit and ask them what they’ve been learning or investigating when they come back.
  • Do not give them things to investigate, let the find it on their own. They most likely already have a mountain of suggestions that others have given to them and they will NEVER touch that mountain unless they run into it on their own.


2 Hermit

This Archetype is naturally good at what it loves to do, actually not just good but probably the best. It’s like these individuals were born with a certain set of expertise in their fields. There is not a lot of trying or studying involved for them, they are just that naturally talented. This is why they have a hard time seeing their talents within themselves. Incubation time and self love is very crucial for these individuals. Setting aside regular time to get out of the auras of others and do what one loves in solitude, will keep this line energized and invited to share its natural gifts.

How to support friends with a 2 in their Profile?

  • Remind them of how much alone time helps them recharge, they often forget!
  • Let them do whatever it is that they love doing 
  • Do not force them to come out of their shells
  • Remind them of how talented they are


3 Martyr

This Archetype is like the swiss army knife of the lessons that our human existence has to teach. These individuals love saying yes because they learn through experience and learning is why they are here. Learning what works and what does not work is their expertise. These are not the types to enjoy learning about themselves through books and others opinions. They will immerse themselves in experiences just to come out of them and ask “how did that affect me? What did I learn about myself? What do I need to change?”.

How to support friends with a 3 in their Profile?

  • Do not try to tell them what to do, they will just nod, completely ignore what you said, then maybe start ignoring you all together because you tried to tell them what to do.
  • Even if you think it won't work out for them, support their adventures anyway and let them surprise you.
  • Ask them to tell you stories about their adventures, it will inspire them to keep going on more.


Upper Trigram


4 Opportunists

This Archetype is very social, it thrives on connections with others because that is where its opportunities will originate from. They are experts in networking and often have an impressive referral list. They will be the first to show up to the party and last to leave (they most likely are hosting the party). Strong and healthy personal relationships are a must for these people. Friends and partners should be people that these individuals can trust, respect, and even admire because these are the foundations of where every opportunity will originate from.

How to support friends with a 4 in their Profile?

  • Invite them to come along to social functions, they make great party and event dates.
  • Let them plan and host the party
  • Check up on them if they have not left the house for a while


5 Heretic

This Archetype is often portrayed as the “savior”. They love to bring peace and solve problems for the ones they love. Alone time and separation from their community to decompress and recharge is a must or their savior image will quickly be perceived as the villain by those being saved. Why is this? Well most people don’t know how to see the raw humanness in their saviors. Saviors are often put on pedestals and seen as holier than human when they are in action. When their job has been completed, the other sees them as the human that they are and their attachment to this divine savior image gets destroyed. It is important for Heretics to only enter into situations that they want to be in and not get trapped into being the savior in situations out of pressure from others. Saying no and plenty of alone time will be their best friend for their personal image.

How to support friends with a 5 in their Profile?

  • Remember that they are human
  • Thank them after they’ve swooped through as your savior
  • Do not expect them to be able to fix everything all the time


6 Role Model

This Archetype is like the beautifully carved out of granite Greek statue standing peacefully in the middle of the market’s courtyard on a busy Saturday. They are constantly observed by the other to set the example. By perfecting their talents and doing what they love they will always be looked at and called on to showcase themselves.

How to support friends with a 6 in their Profile?

  • Ask them for their opinion and insight, they’ll love it
  • Complement their talents
  • Don’t tell them what to do or how to do it unless they ask directly, they are their own boss


Complete Profiles

Each complete Profile sits in 1 of 3 categories


Personal Destiny

Learns through it's own experiences, is here to do its own thing

  • 1/3 - Investigator/Martyr
  • 2/4 - Hermit/Opportunist
  • 3/5 - Martyr/Heretic
  • 4/6 - Opportunist/Role Model
  • 1/4 - Investigator/Opportunist
  • 2/5 - Hermit/Heretic
  • 3/6 - Martyr/Role Model


Fixed or Fated Destiny 

Is on a fixed path 

  • 4/1 - Opportunist/Investigator


Transpersonal Destiny

Learns through experiences with the other

  • 5/1 - Heretic/Investigator
  • 6/2 - Role Model/Hermit
  • 5/2 - Heretic/Hermit
  • 6/3 - Role Model/Martyr