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The Key Gates

The Gates in our charts are those numbers on both the left and right hand sides of the body graph. They were originally inspired by the traditional Chinese I Ching and much of the definitions come directly from the I-Ching. The Key Gates make up 70% of our entire being so knowing them and their key roles are a crucial step in being able to love ourselves better. 

A good place to start is by learning the 4 Key Gates that make up your Incarnation Cross. These are the first 4 Key Gates in your chart found in the Sun and Earth Positions. 


Below I have alchemized both the basic Human Design Gates with Richard Rudd's Genes Keys to deliver a better understanding of the functions and properties of each Key Gate


I-Ching: The Creative

Behavior: Self Expression

Mantra: Creativity Rooted in Unique Direction

Lowest Expression: Entropy (Deception)

The Gift: Freshness (Authenticity)

Highest Expression: Beauty (Alchemy)

Godhead: Hades

Channel: 1-8 Channel of Inspiration

Physical Location in the body: Liver

Amino Acid: Lysine

Foods: Most fish and lean meats, cheese, eggs, soy, spirulina

Creativity is a natural occurring energy within every human being. It is such a primal instinct for us. This Gate has the very potential to manifest inspirational creativity without limitations

Leads: The Right-Angle Cross of the Sphinx 4


I-Ching: The Receptive

Behavior: Being The Driver

Mantra: I trust my higher knowing to be the driver 

Lowest Expression: Dislocation (Fixation)

Gift: Orientation (Flow)

Highest Expression: Unity (Presence)

Godhead: Maia

Location in Body Graph: G Center

Channel: Channel of the Beat

Physical Location in the body: Sternum

Amino Acid: Phenylalanine

Foods: Protein rich foods, beans, eggs, nuts, cheese, chicken, fish, soy

Description: This Key Gate rules the inner directional knowing of the self. It is interested in movement through time and space. Trusting ones own higher knowing to be the director is key for those with a leading Key Gate 2

Leads: The Right Angle Cross of the Sphinx


I-Ching: Difficulty in the Beginning

Behavior: Leads by example 

Mantra: The Storm will be fierce yet it is needed to bring new life.

Lowest Expression: Chaos (Selfishness, Fixation)

Gift: Innovation (Independence, Flow)

Highest Expression: Innocence (Purpose, Presence)

Godhead: Janus

Channel: Channel of Mutation

Physical Location in the body: Naval

Amino Acid: Leucine

Foods: navy beans, pumpkin seeds, chickpea, hemp, chia seeds, eggs, poultry, salmon

Description: The role of this Key Gate is to transcend confusion and establish order. Through this something new can be created. This transcendence happens in bursts with no knowing of when or how long between bursts. It acts like a pulse for the creative mutative processes

Leads: Right Angle Cross of Laws and Juxtaposition Cross of Mutation


I-Ching: Youthful Folly

Behavior: Succeeding with Hope

Mantra: The fresh new spring learns from the heart of the ancient stone.

Lowest Expression: Intolerance

Gift: Understanding

Highest Expression: Forgiveness

Godhead: Thoth

Channel: Channel of Logic

Physical Location in the body: Neocortex

Amino Acid: Valine

Foods: low-fat yogurt, firm tofu, podded peas, oatmeal, pumpkin seeds, mushrooms, lentils, meat, fish, poultry

Description: This Key Gate is about applying ones mental awareness to curate logic formulas that are fueled by doubt about future outcomes. Knowing that each formula is only a potential not an absolute. Allowing these formulas to pass through ones mind without attachments on using them is key to avoid mental chaos. 

Leads: The Right Angle Cross of Explanation