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Hello Family!


This page is available for all Energy Types looking to support Reflectors. What inspired me to create it is, throughout my experiment with Human Design as a 1/3 Reflector Vessel of Love, I've found myself doing a lot of readings, collaborations, coachings, bonding, and knowledge sharing with well over 40 fellow reflectors.

The most common disappointment that I've observed every reflector say is that: 

  • There is not enough information about us
  • The information that I have found does not feel good to digest
  • I don't like listening to the other solar types talk about being a reflector, where can I find information about reflectors created by other reflectors?
  • Where can I connect with more reflectors?
  • Where are the reflector creatives?


To combat these disappointments so that we can better embrace our surprise, I have created this page that has links to:

  • Other reflectors sharing their experience about what it is to be a reflector
  • Creative content made by reflectors
  • Readings, coachings, and services provided by reflectors
  • Information on all of the Human Design System created by reflectors


 Discover the links to Reflectors Websites, YouTube Videos, Podcasts, Music, and even Photography, Fashion and Design!

I love you all so much :)


Web Pages on The Reflector Energy Type 





Human Design Related Websites Created by Reflectors

Links with a * provide readings/services 

Links with a + provide free information 












Business, Group, and/or Individual Coaching - Using Human Design



 Business Coach for New Heart-Centered Coaches & Course Creators
























Creative Directors





Graphic Design & Illustration



Fashion Designers




Free or Donation based events for Reflectors



If you would like to be added to this page or know of a Human Design Reflector creating content that should be on this page, fill out the form below and make sure to add the Webpage/YouTube/Podcast link in the message box!

*I will not add links to Instagram accounts and the content has to be created by only a Reflector :)