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What is a Reflector?

      A Reflector is the rarest Human Design aura type. We make up just 1% of the worlds population, which means, there are only 70 million of us living on the Earth. For every 100 people you meet, just one will be a Reflector.


How do we make sense of the world?

The name “Reflector” was given to us due to having no defined or activated energy centers within our aura. The only energy a Reflector truly has to rely on, is the transiting planets that activate specific gates and channels within our aura on an hour-day-monthly-seasonal-yearly basis. We move in cycles with the cosmos, there is no choice to not listen to the stars for us. We act like the moon reflecting the suns light, we reflect the energy of the solar types while being controlled by the cosmos.


What is our Auras purpose?

Unlike the other 4 Human Design Aura Types that retrieve their constant defined energy from the sun. Reflectors receive what is called a Teflon aura from the moon. This means that although our aura is completely open, we always have the choice to only sample the energy of other auras that we encounter or are exposed to. We have the ability to completely immerse ourselves into environments and communities and either love it or hate it. With this gift, we have the ability to be a gauge for what is not working and for what is working within environments and communities. If we love the chosen environment, then we are most likely being heard, seen, respected, supported and valued. If we hate it, then we are most likely experiencing what is called an unhealthy or misaligned environment. It is from here that we must make a decision to leave and immerse ourselves into an environment that we can love and be valued in.


How do we make Major Decisions?

The only cycle that we can truly rely on is our earths moon cycle. The moon is the most consistent short term planetary entity of measurement that we reflectors have. Every 5-7 hours the moon transits throughout our aura and activates the same gates and channels throughout its 28-day cycle. Through the practice of observation of the moon, while contemplating our big decision, we can successfully be led into security, confidence, and abundance regarding the decision at hand.


How does this mechanic of decision-making work exactly?

By observing the moon over the course of 28 days we can feel out the decision and sense where that alignment is within our body’s. Over the course of this cycle we should ask ourselves,

  • Is this correct or not correct for me?

  • Does this feel good?

It is not something that we have to put a lot of thought or energy into. All we must do is hold space for it, discuss the idea of the given decision with our trusted community, and feel within our bodies how it feels to hold it. Near the end of the 28 days if the decision is in alignment for us then we will be surprised by the blossoming of the decision revealing itself in our physical world. If however the decision is not in alignment for us or it is something that may not be healthy for our aura, we will experience a disappointment or completely forget about the decision as a whole and already be on to our next decision.



Every Reflector has a specific PHS but for us as whole it is important to eat mostly natural, unprocessed, fair trade, local, and minimal preservatives. With having an open aura, the foods that we consume can really impact the way we function and feel. If we are constantly consuming negative energy, unnatural, and not local to our current environments, we can easily be thrown out of alignment through diet alone.


What does being out of Alignment feel like for us?

  • Bogged down energetically (feeling stuck)

  • Uncontrollable emotional episodes

  • Extreme Anger, Bitterness, Frustration, and Disappointment

  • Getting physically ill

  • Feeling like one has become mentally ill out of nowhere

  • Losing touch with what feels good

  • Everything that could go wrong, goes wrong

  • An inability to get out of bed for days

  • Feeling lots of fear and sometimes paranoia

  • Feeling like one is being bullied

  • An inability to control one’s reflections

  • Having an inability to maintain boundaries

  • Losing a sense of self-care and self-love


How can we re-align ourselves?

If you start to notice these symptoms it would be good to first evaluate ones basic diet by asking ourselves,

  • Am I Drinking enough water?

  • Have I been obtaining the proper nutrition? Am I lacking nutrients?

Secondly, we should then evaluate our bodies habits,

  • Am I getting enough rest?

  • Am I forcing myself to sleep when I am not tired?

  • Am I not sleeping when my body tells me it feels tired?

  • Am I moving my body in creative ways? Example, yoga, dancing, hiking, skating…(could be anything we think is fun)

Thirdly, we should evaluate our consistent day to day communities and environments,

  • Does this environment/community allow and support me to be able to maintain my bodies highest health practices?

  • Am I being allowed the space to love and care for myself in the ways that feel good to me?

  • Does my community respect my boundaries?

  • Does my community listen to me and do I feel heard in my community?

  • Do the environments that I constantly interact with feel good?

  • Do I feel seen without trying to be?

  • Does it surprise me?

If the answer is no to most of these questions, then we most likely have some things to do and decisions to make. If you notice these in your neighborhood reflector, the BEST thing you could do for them is to help them get healthy so that a beneficial decision can be made.


Resources for Reflectors Created by fellow Reflectors


How can I Help?

  • Encourage them to drink clean water

  • Remind them to nourish themselves

  • Encourage them to rest

  • Ask them to go on scenic walk or hike

  • Remind them of the activities that make them happy and promote joy

  • Let them borrow or hangout with your dog or cat

  • Encourage them to sit in nature with their phones off

  • Listen to them


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