Reflector Guide

For New Reflectors Discovering Human Design


  1. What is a Reflector?

  2. Surprise/Disappointment Signature

  3. The Foundation Chart 

  4. How to Learn the Gates

  5. Other Reflectors

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  7. General Astrology Learning Sites

  8. Loving A Reflector

What is a Reflector?


The Human Design Reflector aura type consists of just 1% of the population. Anyone with a reflector aura is born with zero activated energy centers and channels at their time of birth. Reflectors are born in cycle clusters meaning that within a few years span there could be numerous reflector births while during a different couple years span there might be no reflector births. 


Since a reflector has no activated centers or channels of their own, they have the capacity to deeply take in and understand all of the energy that they encounter from both the cosmos and the people Infront of them. It is the Reflectors Teflon aura that enables them to fully take in and comprehend external energy thoroughly and without being affected or altered by it. Teflon allows reflectors the ability to immerse themselves into an energy that is not their own and approach it from a non-personal perspective. This is just one of the reasons why a reflector is considered the wisest of the Human Design Aura Types. 

Do Reflectors have any energy of their own? 


Yes and No, the reason why a reflector is born with no defined energy centers or full channels of their own is so that they can reflect the current astrological transits to the collective through their unique aura. This is why the question of reflectors not having energy of their own does not carry a simple answer. Reflectors have a potential to access every centers energy, if it is activated by the transits. What energy a reflector has access to depends on the day and what the cosmic stream has in store for an individual reflector.

Since every reflector is unique each of their reflections might hold different hues of color, but their light always comes from the same source, the cosmos themselves. It is this ability that gives a reflector the power to be influential for the growth, survival, and evolution of humanity. Reflectors are the first beings to feel and comprehend the neutrino stream/current Astrological Transit or as Ra Ur Hu likes to say “The Program '' also known as the Movie that we are all watching together.


Unlike our Ancestors who used complex mapping systems in an attempt to read and logically understand the current astrological transits, if you simply ask a reflector how they are feeling at any given moment, they will tell you how the current transits are feeling and how they are affecting their human bodies.

In a world that is leaving a highly logical masculine way of life and moving towards an intuitive, and compassionately feminine future, a human design reflector has the potential to be of great value to the evolution and survival of humanity. Being able to understand what we are feeling, without letting the mind rationalize or distort our feelings, is the future authority for all of humanity. Due to their ability to observe the neutrino stream and others energy within their bodies, without being altered or affected by it, a reflector can be the wisest source in navigating individual emotions and the astrological mutations that are headed to earth.

Surprised or Disappointed Strategy

A reflectors strategy is comprised of two primary feelings that act as signposts to the reflector. Since there is not a consistent defined authority for a reflector to follow in regard to making decisions, relying on these simple signposts is crucial to living a resistant free life. 

If a reflector encounters something that feels Disappointing that is the sign from their aura that what they are encountering is not in alignment with what the Universe has in store for them.

If a reflector encounters something that feels Surprising that is the sign from their aura that what they are encountering is in alignment with what the Universe has in store for them.


Disappointed? No, don't do it

Surprised? Yes, do it

The Foundation Chart 

There are many different layers and key aspects to every Human Design chart, here are a just a couple of the foundational cornerstones for anyone beginning the journey into learning how to understand ones unique chart. 

Each birth charts gates are split up into two different categories,

“Body/Mind and Design/Personality” 

The Body/Design Gates will always be found on the left side of the chart highlighted in Red, these gates represent the individual's body and ways that it moves through the world, the qualities are not always conscious for the individual and typically are things that the external will point out or notice before the individual does. 

The Mind/Personality Gates will always be found on the Right side of the chart highlighted in Black, these gates represent the qualities and mental patterns that the individual is usually fully aware of/qualities that outline the individuals personality 

Hanging Gates


Reflectors have Hanging Gates that stay consistent in their charts. These gates are a partial channel of energy that stays dormant until it is activated by the current astrological transit or by encountering another aura that is capable of activating it. When a gate is activated this means that it has either encountered the identical gate of itself or it has encountered the other end of its associated channel gate.

For example, in the diagram above Gate 4 in the Ajna center would be considered a Hanging Gate. If the current transits also enter Gate 4 or 63 that would activate this individual Hanging Gate 4

Profile Lines


The profile is the combination of the two decimal numbers that come from your first gates. It represents a specific role that an individual aura has in the world. The personality and mind's sun gates. In the image below, this individual has 15.3 in their Design Sun and 46.1 in their Personality Sun which gives them a 1/3 Profile of the Investigative Martyr. 



The Variables in a chart represent how an individual takes in and puts out energy and information. They are represented by 4 arrows that point either Right or Left 

  • Bottom left is an individual's environment style
  • Top left is an individual's digestive pattern
  • Top right is an individual's way of mentally processing information
  • Bottom right is an individual's perspective view