Immersive Chart Reading


My Human Design Immersive Chart Reading is an opportunity, for any energy type at any age, to learn their Human Design Chart over a full Moon Cycle.

  • We will meet once a week via Zoom for 2 hours over 4 consecutive weeks
  • I will create a PowerPoint prior to each meeting to guide us through each chart subject and will send you the full PowerPoint post meeting to view on your own time.

A general break down of what we will cover each week

Week 1

  • Introduction to each other
  • Aura Type
  • Themes
  • Authority
  • Profile
  • Open Centers

Week 2

  • Environment
  • PHS/Digestion
  • Cognition
  • Motivation
  • The Arrows/Variables
  • Incarnation Cross Gates

Week 3

  • Moon Gates
  • North and South Node Gates
  • Mercury Gates
  • Venus Gates
  • Mars Gates

Week 4

  • Jupiter Gates
  • Saturn Gates
  • Uranus Gates
  • Neptune Gates
  • Pluto Gates

After purchase, I will contact you via email within 24-72 hours to schedule this reading.

*I can accommodate to all time zones and can work around a 9-5 schedule.