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Advanced Foundation Video Reading


My Human Design Advanced Video Reading is available to all energy types and will cover all of the foundational to advanced information that you need to continue to your journey back to your true self. 


This 150 minute live reading will cover, 

  • Aura Type
  • Profile
  • Authority
  • Themes
  • Determination/Digestion
  • Environment
  • Incarnation Cross 
  • Open Centers
  • Cognition
  • Motivation
  • Open Centers
  • The Arrows 
  • Explanation of what the Gates are
  • Advice on how to study your Gates. 
  • A detailed explanation and disccussion on how your Aura interacts with other Human Design Aura Types 
  • An opportunity to Reflect with a Human Design Reflector about anything that pertains to Human Design.

*I will contact you via email within 24-72hrs of purchase to schedule  your reading. I can accommodate to all time zones and can work around a 9-5 schedule.