Reflector Reading


My Reflector reading is designed to give other Human Design Reflectors that are new to Human Design or just confused about Human Design an opportunity to have a live 1 on 1 reading with a fellow 1/3 Reflector with a Rax of the Vessel of Love at a very affordable cost :)

This 90 minute live zoom reading will cover

  • Aura Type
  • Profile
  • Authority
  • Themes
  • Determination/Digestion
  • Environment
  • Incarnation Cross 
  • Cognition
  • Motivation
  • Open Centers
  • The Arrows 
  • Explanations of the Gates. 
  • Advice on how to study your Gates. 
  • A detailed explanation and disccussion on how your Aura interacts with other Human Design Aura Types 

**I will contact you via email within 7 days of purchase to schedule  your reading. I can accommodate to all time zones and can work around a 9-5 schedule.