Open Reading


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Please write a general area within your chart you’d like to be discussed. If none please write N/A

I have found that I conduct the best readings when there is no agenda or expectation and when my client and I get to truly feel like we are flowing in the present moment of reflective energy. 


My knowledge in Human Design focuses on:

  • Basic Foundations
  • Advanced Foundations
  • Incarnation Crosses
  • Raising children in their Design
  • Using Human Design to assist navigating the healing journey through Individual, Societal, and Ancestorial Trauma
  • Experimenting with Human Design and Psychedelics
  • Companion/Partnership Charts
  • The Chinese I-Ching and its relationship to Human Design
  • Using your Human Design chart to understand Astrocartography 

Time length is 120 minutes.


This is an open structured reading conducted on Google Meet 


*I do not offer refunds