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Human Design Motivations


(See Need for not-self)

You are motivated by getting to the bottom of something. You will examine every detail to situations by subtly asking yourself, is it safer to be in the group or alone? The shadow side of this will take premature action out of what one thinks is “necessary” without observing the details that will be impacted by ones actions.



(See Guilt for not-self)

Having this motivation means that you do not initiate changes or are motivated to fix things by yourself. Your natural motivation is to see an issue, observe and analyze it, then hope that it gets solved through the natural flow and or wait for someone to come along to help you solve it.



(See Innocence for not-self)

Having the motivation of Desire means that you strive to lead within your community. You have been through a specific set of events (that may not have been very easy) in your life that have set you up to be able to be a leader for humanity. You’ll enjoy learning through your own experiences more than learning through others and you probably are not too keen on being told what to do. This is completely normal, just go with it and keep whatever it is that your heart truly desires to do as your main motivator. By doing this you will continue to successfully grow into the leadership role that you’re here to be in.



(See Fear for not-self)

You are motivated by your own needs as well as any external needs of whomever you are interacting with. This means it is crucial to look at the bigger picture in communications. Do not get lost in the details of arguments and conversations. Looking at the bigger picture will help you maintain the needs of your own and others.



(See Hope for not-self)

You are motivated to fix things that you feel require fixing. You have the ability to do so when you are presented with the right opportunity. Whenever you come across something that needs to be fixed, it would not be wise for you to ignore it and hope that someone else will do it for you. You are that person that you are waiting for to come along and fix whatever it is that requires it.



(See Desire for not-self)

This means that you have no agenda to execute, no pressure to do and no reason why you do. You are just here, in the ever-present moment. You are an observer of the community and personal existence. Very similar to the role model that stands on the pillar in the middle of the public garden, waiting to be called on the display what's it has learned.