What is a Manifestor?

The Human Design Manifestor Aura makes up just 9% of the worlds Population. This Aura is uniquely special for humanity because it initiates the trails of change for all of us to drive on.


What is their Auras Purpose?

A Manifestors auras purpose is to repel and retract. They repel the unnecessary frequencies out of their way and retract what is necessary so that they can be led to what they truly desire. They are here to initiate us into the new way of life that we all dream of. How they do this is by informing through the spoken word and movement. In order for them to be able inform with ease they MUST ONLY listen to themselves. 


Does a Manifestor have sustained energy?

No, Manifestors do not carry sacral energy so in order to not experience a burnout it is crucial for them to rest, relax, and recharge in between their initiations. They are also not designed to stick to just one direction for their entire lives. They have the room to consistently change their minds and do different things that feel good to them. It is important for them to not feel pressured to stay on one task or do one thing all the time. 



Every Manifestor has a specific PHS but for them as whole it is important to eat mostly natural, unprocessed, fair trade, local, and minimal preservatives. With having such a powerful aura, the foods that they consume can really impact the way they function and feel. If they are constantly consuming negative energy, unnatural, and not local to their current environments, they can easily be thrown out of alignment through diet alone.


What does being out of Alignment feel like for Manifestors?

  • Uncontrollably Anger

  • Feeling stuck

  • Thinking someone will come and pave their road for them

  • Losing touch with what they want to do

  • Isolation

  • Feeling silenced

  • Abusing stimulants to keep up with the world

  • Being dishonest/not informing 

  • Getting physically ill


How can a Manifestor re-align themselves?

If a Manifestor starts to notice these symptoms it would be good to first evaluate ones basic diet by asking themselves,

  • Am I Drinking enough water?

  • Have I been obtaining the proper nutrition? Am I lacking nutrients?

Secondly, they should then evaluate our bodies habits,

  • Am I getting enough rest?

  • Am I forcing myself to sleep when I am not tired?

  • Am I not sleeping when my body tells me it feels tired?

  • Am I moving my body in creative ways? Example, yoga, dancing, hiking, skating…(could be anything they think is fun)

Thirdly, they should evaluate their consistent day to day communities and environments,

  • Does this environment/community allow and support me to be able to maintain my bodies highest health practices?

  • Am I being allowed the space to love and care for myself in the ways that feel good to me?

  • Does my community respect my boundaries?

  • Do the environments that I constantly interact with feel good?

  • Do I feel heard?

  • Is what I am doing feel peaceful?

If the answer is no to most of these questions, then they most likely have some things to do and decisions to make. 


How can I Help?

  • Don't tell them what to do

  • Encourage them to listen to themselves

  • Listen to them objectively

  • Don't ask them questions about what they want to do or are doing


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