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The Incarnation Cross of the Vessel of Love

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Position 1

Quarter of Initiation

Position 2

Quarter of Civilization

Position 3

Quarter of Duality

Sun 15 - Florescence    Sun 46 - Ecstasy

Earth 10 - Being           Earth 25 - Universal Love

This incarnation is all about loving oneself to the absolute fullest so that one can become an example of ultimate self-love to inspire others to do the same. This means obtaining an open mind to coincidence and synchronicity so that these phenomena can continue to guide you to greater levels of life, while only doing what you love. Being confident and maintaining your sensuality with your present moment is how you will achieve this state of being. You have the capacity to respond to everything seen as good or bad with love. Loving the body, humanity, oneself, and the extremes of the world will be the inspiration needed to guide humanity into a state of collective unconditional love. You are designed to only pursue the activities that ignite your love for this existence and self. You create just for the sake of creating without any expectations because it is just what you love. In accepting this incarnation, you will in turn open yourself to being the purest example of self love for your community and environment to witness. 

Position 4

Quarter of Mutation