Incarnation Cross of The Sphinx

   Direction is the life purpose of the Sphinx. Those that carry this incarnation will be seen as lighthouse for direction. There are times that your compass of direction points towards something that is difficult to logically explain which is why it is important for those with this incarnation to always trust themselves first. The ancient Egyptian Sphinx represents a mystical energy of the past that humanity once followed to direct us to build todays world. For the Incarnation of The Sphinx people, that mystical energetic knowledge is their driving force through life. It is important for these people to curate relationships that don't rely on them to be their leader at all times, the Sphinx is only here to see and direct, not lead and pull.


Position 1

  Quarter of Initiation

Sun Gate - 13

This incarnation is the great listener to people and environments. These people find themselves listening to others who have recently lost their path in life or whom are requiring assistance on where to begin their path. It is important for these individuals to have strict boundaries with whom they interact with. If they don't maintain boundaries it will become exhausting trying to listen to everyone that approaches them expecting them to listen and help determined the proper direction based off of what is heard. Listening to ones own tune in life first and always will help these folks determine who and what they want to be listening to and directing. 

Famous Incarnation Cross of the Sphinx 1: Amal Clooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Gertrude Stein, Norman Rockwell.


Position 2

  Quarter of Civilization

Sun Gate - 2

This incarnation instinctually knows directions that it can take and or show others to take. It may be hard for these individuals to formulate their directional knowing into words that logically explains their inner knowing. This is because they operate like a magnetic compass, no matter which way their body faces their internal arrow will always point to the direction that universe has intended for humanity to take. Remaining flexible and surrounding yourself with people whom understand that you wont be able to always logically explain your bearings while trusting that your inner knowing is always pointing the right way. 

Famous Incarnation Cross of the Sphinx 2: George Clooney, Tony Blair, Sigmund Freud, Johannes Brahms, Karl Marx, Eva Peron, and Gary Cooper.

Position 3

  Quarter of Duality

Sun Gate - 7

This incarnation is here to give logical guidance to the other in a way that makes the listener trust its inner knowing's foresights towards a positive future. These individuals may have a tendency to step in/take control of situations that take away from their own personal life experiences. Self love and awareness is the best way for these individuals to become influential leaders without compromising their individual journey. In order to know when and where is appropriate for these individuals to give direction, it is important to learn and follow ones own, Type, Strategy, and, Authority. 

Famous Incarnation Cross of the Sphinx 3: Alexander Fleming, Whitney Houston, Dustin Hoffman, Roger Federer.


Position 4

  Quarter of Mutation

Sun Gate - 1

 This incarnation expresses its direction with its very own creativity. This creativity is not limited to artistic abilities, it can also apply to how one thinks and processes information. There will always be new and creative ideas coming from these folks that when listened to or seen by the other, will point into the direction we must evolve into. Allowing time for creative expression in any form gives these individuals time to trust their inner knowing and allows them to comfortably share their knowing through the fruits of their creative labor. 

Famous Incarnation Cross of the Sphinx 4: Sally Field, Ethan Hawke, Maria Shriver, Marie Curie, Emma Stone, and Lorde.