The Incarnation Cross of The Sleeping Phoenix 


   This mission is all about personal strength, being able to respond spontaneously and maintain your charisma while you do it. Your busy nature is highly appealing to those you encounter because your personal strength is capable of initiating transformation in those you interact with. In order to maintain this positive impact within your environment is it important to carry a positive emotional spirit with service being at the for front of your mind. Your strength tends to get masked behind the busyness of your mind, so it is important to keep a firm awareness of the low emotional waves within yourself. With great power comes great responsibility, when emotionally frustrated, this power turns into intimidation for those impacted by you and this could lead to miscommunication, misunderstandings, or failure with a particular endeavor. Maintaining your own power only requires the conscious shift into a positive perspective in any scenario that you find yourself in. It is also important to only channel this power into what it is that you love, when you maintain your balance and lean into the emotional flows with confidence, you will always be perceived as charismatic and bold.


Position 1

 Quarter of Initiation

Sun 55 - Freedom

This incarnation is aware of the inner nature of the spirit within all of humanity waiting to be unleashed for the ashes. It is impossible for individuals with a Sun Gate 55 to deny their own inner spirits and in turn have a grandiose gift for seeing those around them who have lost or dimmed their own inner spirits. The key for you is not to get wrapped up in the ashes of those around you. It is buy simply embracing ones individual spirit that will ignite the fires within others to do the same. It would be wise to search for your personal satisfaction so that you can be an example of the rising phoenix for those that continue to dwell in the ashes. 

Famous Incarnation Cross of The Sleeping Phoenix 1: Drew Barrymore, Kurt Cobain, Gloria Vanderbilt, Cindy Crawford, Alan Rickman. 

Position 2

 Quarter of Civilization

Sun 20 - Presence

This incarnation is focused on finding intimacy within life. Through the rise and fall of your own personal romantic endeavors you will discover your own self transformative process while noticing that the further you transform the further those around you transform. You inspire those around you to develop a relationship with life itself through allowing your charisma and inner spirit to drive your vessel. It would be wise to avoid being busy for the sake of being busy. Get clear on what you want to be doing with your energy before you blindly engage. It's only through embracing your present moment and remaining open to your own inner spirits yearn to be in relationship with life that your inner Phoenix Awakens.

Famous Incarnation Cross of The Sleeping Phoenix 2: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Bob Dylan, Queen Victoria, Miles Davis, Richard Wagner

Position 3

 Quarter of Duality

 Sun 59 - Transparency

This Incarnation is about making close contact with the other. You strive for intimacy with the other and will quickly distance yourself if you find anything but intimacy's within romantic and platonic relations. This incarnation is mean to have numerus fast moving close encounters as the Gate 59 looks to disperse it's energy amongst humanity as a whole. Your multitude of awakenings that you will come to in this life will primarily be triggered through your intimate relations and intimacy with thy self. Embracing your inner spirit and unleashing your charisma to you relationships will ease your transformative process of rising from the ashes. 

Famous Incarnation Cross of The Sleeping Phoenix 3: Yogi Bhajam, Sean Connery, Mother Teresa, L. B. Johnson, Chris Pine


Position 4

 Quarter of Mutation

Sun 34 - Majesty

This incarnation often feels like the busiest person that it knows and it thrives in its own business. These individuals truly enjoy activity just for the sake of moving around and letting out some of it's internal power out. If these people begin to encounter road blocks or things that get in the way of being able to move it's energy, this means that the universe is signaling them to slow down to smell the roses while it reevaluates a better path with less road blocks. Leaning into it's personal  cycles of ebbs and flows will be greatly beneficial to experience personal expansion 

Famous Incarnation Cross of The Sleeping Phoenix 4: Miley Cyrus, John F. Kennedy Jr., Billy the Kid, Kelly Brook