The Incarnation Cross of the Maya

  This mission is about exploring the secret of humanity’s inner truths and universal principals in order to discover the answers to the great questions that we all have. You are the natural thinker. You are always inspired by getting to peek behind the vail on the surface. Through this natural gift you are capable of making the Maya (the illusions that we all live in) understandable to the rest of us. You create the healthy balance of spiritual and physical so that everyone can sit happily in this state of existence without sliding to the different extremes of thought. It is healthy for you to constantly question everything that is put in front of you. It is also vital for you to be able to retreat into your own solitude so that you can evaluate your gathered information and formulate conclusions before sharing them. You are a great teacher of inspiration to those whom are both lost or seeking. You are a much-needed influential role model that will help aid humanity in shifting its perceptions to a healthier truth so that generations to come will not have to suffer from the collectives mental confusions.


Position 1

Quarter of Initiation


Position 2

Quarter of Civilization

 Sun 62 - Impeccability

This incarnation's ability to clearly express something that will direct everyone's attention. It is easy for you to feel understood by others because of your ability to draw and direct the attention of others. You are here to logically explain current changes so that everyone can feel confident moving forward. It will not benefit anyone for you to stay in the illusions that cause you sufferings for very long. You have ability to see through anything to get to the bottom of its function. Being the voice for the Maya so that others can step out of the illusions is what the theme of your life's work will be.

Famous Incarnation Cross of The Maya 2: Linda Ronstadt, Camilla Bowels, Arianna Huffington, Dian Kruger, Rembrandt, Forest Whitaker

Position 3

Quarter of Duality


Position 4

Quarter of Mutation