The Incarnation Cross of Limitation

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Position 1

Quarter of Initiation

Position 2

Quarter of Duality

Sun  56 - Intoxication   Sun 32 - Veneration

Earth 60 - Justice           Earth 42 - Celebration

Your mission is to guarantee the cycles of natural change that your community experiences. You are aware that traditions and communities need the implementation of new innovations to maintain survival and evolution. Your incarnation assists in the survival of the future generations of humanity. By maintaining openness in your day to day you will formulate a foundation of what is working and what is not. It is important to remain adaptable and unattached to outcomes and enter the flow of changing circumstances and personal growth. You will have never met your true potential in this area because you are someone that is designed to keep evolving. Once this flow is understood and allowed to move through life without interference, growth on a material level will start to flourish so that you can become an influential model for the community. As you continue to accept ever changing personal limitations moment by moment you will learn how to overcome these limitations and then generate sudden changes that are needed for your personal evolution. You are a wise authority for facilitating changes for the survival of principals needed to overcome limitations.