The Incarnation Cross of Laws 

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Position 1

Quarter of Initiation

Position 2

Quarter of Civilization

Sun 56 - Intoxication


This incarnation is about utilizing your gift for the expression of stimulating stories and ideas. You are capable of provoking arousing emotions in others and opening up their curiosity. Your ideas go beyond the norm and help guide humanity into a better way of doing things. This does not happen with intention instead it happens in the natural sense by storytelling or sharing ideas which in turn will light the spark in others. In addition, you are constantly aware of which laws, rules, and values that require change. Order is always achieved once the emotional wave has been settled, waiting for the wave to settle will allow the innovative ideas to surface. Your ability to accept external limitations and preserve what is already useful is the foundation for achieving valuable and practical ideas as well as expressing suggestions that pave the way for future innovations. You cannot do this on your own, your energy requires a strong tribe to be its foundation for the innovative changes that you will spark. You are a bold change maker for society.

Position 3

Quarter of Duality

Position 4

Quarter of Mutation