The Incarnation Cross of Individualism

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Position 1

Quarter of Civilization

Sun 51 - Awakening     Sun 39 - Liberation

Earth 57 - Clarity         Earth 38 - Honor

This incarnation is all about provoking the emotions of the world with individualistic behavior while pursuing ones own created path. Your way will never fit in with society’s “norms”, it will always be new and innovative. Your way will make more sense to you than society’s way at all times so it is important for you to maintain love for ones self. This is not an easy journey, but it is very needed. It is your profound intuition that ensures your personal survival through every transformation you make within your own being and within which ever environment you find yourself in. You are someone who is skillful in understanding how to encourage and guide others into behaving individualistically. Your natural gift for trouble shooting and problem solving tends to provoke others into behaving naturally. Due to you natural ability of confronting weaknesses within others you have been misunderstood and tend to receive harsh reactions from those whom refuse to be comfortable in their own skin. It is important to understand that this reaction has nothing to do with you and you are not wrong for these reactions. It is normal for some to have this reaction to you, it signifies a catalyst of growth for those that need it. When your power and self-love is threatened you will want to withdraw in order to maintain your powers worth and regain personals values while cleansing from the unwanted energies or reactions of others. It is faith in your intuition that will guide your power into the areas that are willing to receive your grand gifts, trust only your intuition, the world needs it.

Position 2

Quarter of Mutation