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The Incarnation Cross of Explanation

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Position 1

Quarter of Initiation

Position 2

Quarter of Civilization

Sun 49 - Rebirth           Sun 23 - Quintessence

Earth 4 - Forgiveness    Earth 43 - Epiphany

This mission is about expressing your individual perspective so that new generations can understand. These insights originate from your internal compass or intuition, once they come they either flow or disappear like a pulse. By being in an environment centered around unconditional love, you will be heard and your flow of explanations will move with ease. You are capable of revolutionizing the rules and structures that already exist within your community so that it can better evolve and survive. It is important to protect your individuality so that it will remain authentic and pure .By utilizing your decision making process you will feel your correct moments to express your gift. You are a human troubleshooter who can abolish outdated values and principals while implementing new ones.

Position 3

Quarter of Duality

Position 4

Quarter of Mutation