The Incarnation Cross of Defiance

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Position 1

Quarter of Civilization

Position 2

Quarter of Mutation

Sun 2 - Unity

Your driving force focuses on changing how the world has handled material resources. You do this by challenging already established principals. It is when you learn to find your own direction to defeat personal material challenges that you will then begin to question and cast light on the existing orders so they can begin to change. You are a creator of the new structure for the future material success of humanity. It is important for you to maintain an open mind so that you can have the room to create new values and visualize new directions. You have a tendency to reject anything that you see as flawed but in doing this you can miss the bigger picture which will in turn cause you to reject everything, good or bad. You have the potential to be a valuable guiding light for others and the future direction of humanity as a whole. Your only task, before you start revolutionizing the direction of existing orders, is to remain open to all possibilities so the changes you make can be executed in a peaceful manner.

Position 3

Quarter of Duality

Position 4

Quarter of Mutation