The Incarnation Cross of Cycles 

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Position 1

Quarter of Civilization

Position 2

Quarter of Mutation

Sun 42 - Celebration  Sun 53 - Superabundance

Earth 32 - Veneration Earth 54 - Ascension

Your mission is centered around new ways of development and can provide the energy to lead these new ways into material growth. You have the gift of marshaling materials and support for successful projects that contribute to the community prosperity. You are aware that evolution through new ways requires its cycles of change. You embody the cycles of humanity and life itself. It is important to accept the flows, high, and lows of not only your personal cycles but humanity’s cycles as well. Knowing when to hold on tight and execute your power and when to let go and be the observer is key to achieving success for you. You are a guiding star in your community and highly connected to the 7 year cycle of human evolution