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What is a Generator?

Human Design Generators make up just 37% of the Human Population. This aura is the purest example of sacral energy within humanity,


What is their Auras purpose?

Unlike the Reflector, Projector, Manifestor Auras, the Generator has sacral energy to work and build until it feels satisfied. This building energy could last hours, days, or months with any given project or endeavor that lights them up. This energy has the potential to build the empires of change within our world. Generators are here to respond to the flows of humanity. Through this response they can really take the changes that they feel in their auras, go out into the world, and begin to build them.


Does a Generator have sustained energy?

Yes, A Generator is ruled by its defined sacral. This means that they can work harder and longer. With carrying such intensity from the sacral, it is important for them to respond slowly, and build at their desired pace. Their ability to burn off endless sacral energy will only be satisfactory if it is something that the Generator loves and if it is not rushed. If the sacral gives an open yes or satisfactory feeling, then they should go right in and not stop until they feel satisfied or tired. If their sacral gives them a closed frustrated feeling in regard to where to burn off their energy, then they should not force themselves to jump in to avoid an energetic burnout.



Every Generator has a specific PHS but for them as whole it is important to eat mostly natural, unprocessed, fair trade, local, and minimal preservatives. With having such a strong aura, the foods that they consume can really impact the way they function and feel. If they are constantly consuming negative energy, unnatural, and not local to their current environments, they can easily be thrown out of alignment through diet alone.


What does being out of Alignment feel like for a Generator?

  • Extreme Frustration at the world or oneself

  • Bogged down energetically (feeling stuck)

  • Uncontrollable emotional episodes

  • Getting physically ill

  • Losing connection with their sacral

  • Everything that could go wrong, goes wrong

  • An inability to get out of bed for days

  • An inability to control one’s responses

  • Having an inability to maintain boundaries

  • Losing a sense of self-care and self-love


How can a Generator re-align themselves?

If a Generator starts to notice these symptoms it would be good to first evaluate one’s basic diet by asking themselves,

  • Am I Drinking enough water?

  • Have I been obtaining the proper nutrition? Am I lacking nutrients?

Secondly, they should then evaluate their bodies habits,

  • Am I getting enough rest?

  • Am I forcing myself to sleep when I am not tired?

  • Am I not sleeping when my body tells me it feels tired?

  • Am I moving my body in creative ways? Example, yoga, dancing, hiking, skating…(could be anything they think is fun)

Thirdly, they should evaluate their consistent day to day communities and environments,

  • Does this environment/community allow and support me to be able to maintain my bodies highest health practices?

  • Am I being allowed the space to love and care for myself in the ways that feel good to me?

  • Does my community respect my boundaries?

  • Do the environments that I constantly interact with feel good?

  • Am I enjoying what I am responding to?

  • Do I feel seen and satisfied?

If the answer is no to most of these questions, then they most likely have some things to do and decisions to make. 


How can I Help?

  • Ask them if they are drinking clean water

  • Ask them if they have been properly nourishing themselves

  • Ask them if they need rest

  • Ask them to go on scenic walk or hike

  • Ask them to do an activity that makes them happy and promotes joy

  • Encourage them to sit in nature with their phones off

  • Listen to them


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