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6/2 Role Model Hermit Human Design Profile

The 6/2 Role Model-Hermits authenticity means a lot to them. The 6/2 can only become a role model and deliver its unique talents in the field that they're good at. With individual devotion, the 6/2 can bring forth new visions to the world and in turn develop needed change. 

The conscious mind is the 6 (Role model)  an observer of the community and of personal existence. Very similar to the role model that stands on the pillar in the middle of the public garden, waiting to be called on the display its talents. It is important to hone in on whatever it is that it loves so that it can be a role model of it for the community.

The unconscious mind is the 2 (Hermit) this is where its desire to be alone stems from. The importance for this alone time is to allow its flow of ideas and experiences to manifest. The hermit needs to be out of the auric fields of others and energetic distractions in order for its manifestations to occur. Due to the hermits manifestation abilities that activate with regular processing time, it will consistently be delivered invitations out of its reclusive environment just by setting aside time to love life in solitude.

Overall, the 6/2 acts as an eagle that soars over its environment. Later in life the 6/2 will metaphorically sit at the top of its house in a nest and view the world with a birds eye while determining which invitation from the world below would be the most efficient use of energy to come off the roof for.