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5/2 Heretic Hermit Human Design Profile

The 5/2 Heretical Hermit is the heretic that lives in the forest right outside the town. It receives invitations into situations to say or do what needs to be done to “save” the situation. It is like this aura already knows how to assess and or fix something on its own. It is so important for the 5/2 to retreat/remove itself from situations after it has been a "savior".

The conscious mind understands its image as a savior. This is because the projection of the 5 line aura will display it as either someone’s savior or their devil, there is no middle ground. By only accepting things that it wants to be the savior in and when its are done retreating into its own space will protect the 5/2s reputation. If the 5/2 sticks around too long the other party will see the savior as just a human and project it as a devil.

The unconscious mind is the 2 (Hermit) this is where its desire to be alone stems from. The importance for this alone time is to allow its flow of ideas and experiences to manifest. The hermit needs to be out of the auric fields of others and energetic distractions in order for its manifestations to occur. Due to the hermits manifestation abilities that activate with regular processing time, it will consistently be delivered invitations out of its reclusive environment just by setting aside time to love life in solitude.