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4/6 Opportunist Role Model Human Design Profile

The 4/6 Opportunist-Role Model enjoys observing the world from a bird’s eye view so that it can achieve an objective overview. From this angle it develops its individual skills in the course of its life and can thus become an opportunistic role model for others.

The conscious mind is the 4 (Opportunist) its opportunities will always come from its already established networks. It is important to constantly be aware of opportunities that may reveal themselves through, family, friends, peers etc. So that it can feel comfortable grasping these opportunities. It is also important to have a solid and secure foundation. Feeling all around secure with itself, home and general environment is very crucial for this 4th line.

The unconscious body is the 6 (Role model) is are an observer of the community and personal existence. Very similar to the role model that stands on the pillar in the middle of the public garden, waiting to be called on the display its talents. It is important to hone in on whatever it is that the it loves so that it can be a role model of it for the community.