What is going on in the World?

The Human Design Global Mutation that is shifting humanity from the energy of the Incarnation Cross of Planning into the energy of the Incarnation Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix is coming to its completion in 2027.

First, we’ll start with the Global Cycles Chart borrowed from the Jovian Archives website

This chart shows the energetic cycles that humanity has experienced since the beginning of time. Each cycle lasts around 4.000 years before it mutates humanity into a new cycle. If you are a history nerd, you will notice that throughout history humanity experiences significant historical events around the time of each cycle's mutation.

In the chart above you will see that every cycle is considered a key that opens two locks. It is the gates from these two locks that will unleash the cycles mutation. Regardless of the current cycle, the two locks will always be The Cross of the Sphinx and The Cross of the Vessel of Love. These two locks are responsible for the initial expression of each global mutation. This is because both of these crosses are ruled by gates that can only be found in the G Center. In Human Design the G-Center is responsible for our internal compass, direction, and the energy of love. It is in the individuals with these incarnation crosses and in individuals who carry G-Center Gates, that we will begin to see the mutation manifest into our reality.


Where humanity currently sits is at the very end of The Cross of Planning's energetic influence. The Cross of Planning's energy is about developing systems stemmed from the identification of a cause. With ambition, it can manifest artistic or scientific skills, which in turn, will aide in its ability to focus on planning the details of its own visions of where the direction of humanity should go. Our current Cross of Planning is led by its 37th gate which is focused on community and coming together so that the tribe will directly benefit from collective expertise that provide the foundational visions for infrastructure and institutions that will better serve the material success of humanity.

If humanity is moving away from this energy of Planning, then where are we going now?


We are moving into the cycle of the Cross of The Sleeping Phoenix which carries a polarizing theme to the Planning's communal infrastructure energy. The Sleeping Phoenix's energy is all about personal strength and empowerment. To have a positive impact within its environment, is it important to carry a positive emotional spirit with service being at the for front of the mind. These energies strengths tend to get masked behind the busyness of the mind, so it is important to keep a firm awareness of the low emotional waves within ourselves during this shift and moving forward after its completion in 2027. With great power comes great responsibility, when emotionally frustrated, this power turns into intimidation for those impacted by it and this could lead to miscommunication, misunderstandings, or failure with a particular endeavor. Maintaining your own power, originating from the spirit within, only requires the conscious shift into a positive perspective in any scenario that we find ourselves in. It is also important to only channel this power into what it is that you love and embrace the natural waves of melancholy that will be splashing over all of us in the coming years.

Some say that the shift will bring a sort of dooms day scenario to humanity and that “we will see society as we know it crumble” … I like to take a more positive perspective of what this energetic mutation will do to us and the future survival of humanity.


My perspective is that this shift will in fact eliminate all systems and structures that are no longer working for the world, it will bring great change in how we do things, and our society will look vastly different in the next 10 years. These are all things that we have all been asking for and we get to be the ones to not only witness the change but also be a part of the change. Our future children will be more focused on embracing their inner light and being busy with their own endeavors. Ra speaks about the coming of “Rave Children” they are often described with negative and disempowering terms and there is the belief that these children will just appear all of a sudden.


I feel that these children are already amongst us, these children are already at work within society bringing the rest of humanity into the future for this mutation. This mutation isn’t coming in 2027, it has already started, it would be wise to believe that the Universe eases us into cycles of change over believing that the Universe would just implement sudden change. This is a global mutation; any scientist will tell you that mutations begin in isolated incidents and then spread over time. Maybe that is where the doomsday imagery around this topic stems from, the closed mind that thinks in instantaneous gratification.


My point being, we are not waiting for this shift, we are living this shift, we are a witness to it and we are all being taught how to embrace it SLOWLY every day that we get closer to the 55.6 Gate of the Sleeping Phoenix. Moving slow and enjoying the ride is key!

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