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2/4 Hermit Opportunist Human Design Profile

The 2/4 Hermit Opportunist passionately pursues what it is that intrigues them. The 2/4 engages with its networks to make influential contributions. It devote itself to its passions undisturbed. It is common for the 2/4 to want to retire often from other auras.

The conscious mind is the 2 (Hermit) this is where its desire to be alone stems from. The importance for this alone time is to allow the flow of ideas and experience to manifest. The hermit needs to be out of the auric fields of others and energetic distractions in order for its manifestations to occur. Due to the hermits manifestations gifts the hermit will then be delivered invitations out of its reclusive environment. 

The unconscious body is the 4 (Opportunist) its opportunities will always come from its already established networks. It is important to be aware and remain open to opportunities that may reveal themselves through, family, friends, peers etc. For the 4 to feel comfortable grasping these opportunities it is important to have a solid and secure foundation. Feeling all around secure with itself, home and general environment is very crucial.