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1/3 Investigating Martyr Human Design Profile

The 1/3 has the courage to try out novel thing in order to make improvements or changes. By doing so, it brings to light what does not work. It can cope with errors as these are part of any transformation process. The 1/3s wealth of experience is the basis of its impressive skill sets.

The conscious mind is the 1-Investigator, it enjoys investigating whatever it is that is currently lighting it up. The 1 will try out different sources of information, go down rabbit holes for hours, and say yes to most opportunities without hesitation. This natural gift represents divine intelligence in a human form. The 1 line investigates so that it can get to the bottom of anything and in turn develop a firm foundation of truth.

The  unconscious body is the 3-Martyr, it needs to experience what it investigates. It is natural for the 1/3 to go through what feels like trials, errors, or mistakes from an outsider’s perspective. For the Martyr, these experiences are how it develops its foundational truths to stand on.

It is crucial to view its life as a series of lessons to learn from so that the 1/3 can dive into the next set of lessons with absolute confidence. With age these experiences and lessons will turn into some of the most valuable knowledge on earth and provide humanity with what does not work and what will.