Love Your Perspective

What is Human Design?

Human Design is the Alchemization of:

  • Western Astrology

  • Vedic Astrology

  • The Chinese I-Ching

  • Numerology

  • Human Psychology

  • The Human Chakra Centers

  • The Science of Neutrinos 

After 6 million years of looking at the stars and ourselves with different perspectives stemmed from diverse cultural backgrounds, we have finally discovered how to bring it all together into one grand perspective. In the moments of entering this world from our mother’s womb, we take in a specific combination of energy from our immediate environment, and the astral environment. All of that energy creates what is called your personal Aura. Human Design is the blueprint that enables us to be able to understand our auras individuality. 


Just go to my Readings page and book a session or send me a message on my Contact page with any questions you may have about where you should start, and I will be happy to direct you!

How to find your Human Design Body Graph?

 The best place to begin learning your Human Design Chart on your own is by starting with your Body Graph. There are several websites that generate Human Design Body Graphs, I find this one to be the best out there for beginners and even semi advanced folks, just check out the link below!

Discover your Body Graph